Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christians and Behavior

Christians and Behavior

I need some one to explain something to me, why we keep hearing about
over Eighty percent of the people living in this country, said they
believe in a God?. Should I assume that the people that make up the
eighty percent is on their best behavior at all times?. And that
behavior is in keeping with the life a practicing Christian should live. Always
conducting themselves in a manner that lift the name of Jesus and bring
praise to His Name. So,let me see if I understand; fifteen to twenty
percent of the people living in this Great Country, are committing most
of the crimes. All we need to do is get the media to accurately report
contributions made by Christians. For starters, we should have home and
church gatherings for twelve months, no eating out, no movies, and stay
away from all games. Easy for me to recommend, I live my life this way!, unless I am traveling. If we would take this action for a year, at least a few would know that we do more than attend Church; we work hard and purchase most of the things sold in this Country.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Conclusion and Caveats: by James Jett

Conclusion and Caveats: Posted here because I could not read this post on the other Blog.

This is the ending Post, for the Recognition Certificate, Medals, Ribbons and Badges. Today I tested the Links and all worked at the time of testing. That mean I can safely say that you can apply for all your awards from the Blog. I am sure anyone reading this Blog knows more about using a computer than I do. And will do fine in completing the procedures to submit the required forms. My concern is the sites offering the "Cold War Medal" for sale. Please, please,PLEASE, DO NOT PAY FOR ANY ITEMS LISTED ON THIS BLOG-THEY ARE FREE. The Air Force Site states (do not send any money). Be prepared to wait eight to ten weeks, before you receive your Decorations. Hey, what can I say, it's your government!. Seriously, they are wealth waiting for. Please, if you have questions or comments, I would like to hear from you. Some, may have information that will speed up the turn-a-round time, that; also would be good too hear.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Nation of Laws

Everything I do or say, tent to be influenced by my belief that this is a nation of laws, not a nation of men. Yet daily, I hear or read about illegal immigrants receiving aid while violating the laws, both State and Federal. Illegal-immigrants go about their daily lives in both work or play knowing that a group of Americans can be counted on to protect them as long as they obey the wishes of the rich and powerful. If the reports are true, acts that will land a citizen in jail is forgiven the illegal immigrant. When I process this in the six inches between my ears, I wonder why citizens and voters tolerate foreigners breaking our law just to make the rich, richer. The voters in this country should be aware of the growing number of law-breakers. People with permission to break one law will not obey other laws. So one day we will wake up afraid to go out in the street. I have been in that type of neighborhood, a warning, never crave it or permit it. Please ignore the liberal media, when they tell you; it can and should be tolerated for the good of the economy. This country will prosper, as long as we maintain a healthy respect for it's laws and it's Citizens.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back Logged and Blocked: By James Jett

Here I go again, coming from behind because I could not post to any Blogs. One thing I wanted to report last week about this great Country we live in, is something I consider when watching (The Lou Dodds's Show) on CNN, Wednesday Night, is that the Middle-class need to get more involved in nominating candidates for elections and influencing the issues. We can just spend our time engaging in our daily activities, while the people engaged in polities plan everything that's important in our lives, or we can take a part in selecting the candidates for office. It is clear to me now, that the new people coming to America, both legal and illegal will decide the feature of this Country. All thou the Whites maybe half of the population in the next 20 years, the votes they cast will be only one third. Because the other Identifiable groups will tend to vote as a block, while the whites split their vote. I know of no other group that split their votes as evenly as the Whites in America.

Why Every Vote Must Count: By James Jett

After all the get-out-the-vote work is finished and the voters go to the Poles and vote, the Republicans will retain both houses by the end-of-their-teeth. All the rich will be happy, because nothing will change for them. The rest of us will have to wonder what it all mean. Why? because every tax increase or decrease will help or hurt us first, and the most. But what if I am wrong and the Democrats win both houses?. I am afraid of the social changes that will continual to destroy the values we hold Dear, like marriage, raising our children and grandchildren. Democrats or Republicans, let the winners take all. I will not despair as long as the people continue to demand that we have Judges that will not legislate from the Bench.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cold War Victory Medal

Cold War Victory Medal LEGISLATIVE UPDATE:
"There are two stand-alone bills to create a cold war medal, one in the house and one in the Senate". This did not link to the cold war victory medal page as promised I will try again tomorrow.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Dual Blogs: By James Jett

When the forces that, be locked me out of this Blog, I started another Blog, (Which I planned to do anyway) so I could try to keep my opinions separated from facts. I am developing the skills needed to link Blog pages and other sites. I should get it done in a few days.